The Chopper Place

(951) 687-6655

4791 Doane Ave. Riverside CA 92505 US

Alex Montoya

Best mechanics in the town and the most knowledgeable of all years of Harley Davidson Motorcycles., they usually have the parts that the big shops wont even carry. Thank you guys for always being there when i needed to get work done. Till next time! RIDE ON. 

Phil Abod​

Nice to see these guys still in business. Grant was the only one to solve my valve guide issue with my 81 FLT many years ago. After going from shop to shop from San Jose to Riverside...I found Chopper Place and they were able to solve the issue.


​​Encyclopedic knowledge, meticulous work, great rates. The Chopper Place is the finest Harley shop in the entire Inland Empire. Thousands of real riders trust Grant's knowledge and workmanship with their bikes and their safety.

Tommy Jackson

Bitchen shop, best wrenches in town.

Richard Benson

Always a great place to get the parts you need and service done. Way better than a Harley dealer.

John Juarez

Ok now first off i cant say enough about this shop not only professional machine shop,also a professional staff Grant,Jay,Andrew&Tony Bones are doing what they love stop by and say hello and look around.

As one of the oldest Harley shops in Riverside, the Chopper Place is the most trusted business of its type in the entire Inland Empire. Grant's knowledge, and high standards have guided me and thousands of riders for decades now. I trust no one else.

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